BREAKING: Donald Trump Confirms Fears – Voters Shocked…

“Joe Biden’s voice is now the voice of desperation and despair,” former President Donald Trump wrote after Biden gave a speech attacking Trump and his supporters on the anniversary of January 6, when a small number briefly breached the Capitol.

Biden is a “cynical politician who ran for office promising unity who is now doing the most divisive thing possible—slandering his political opponents as domestic terrorists, just like insecure dictators do in communist countries,” Trump said.

Trump said the political establishment had “driven our country into the ground—shipping away our jobs, surrendering our strength, sacrificing our sovereignty, attacking our history and values, and trying to turn America into a country that our people can barely recognize.”’

“All they care about is control over you, and wealth and riches for themselves,” he said. “But they are failing. No one believes them anymore. And the day is quickly coming when they will be overwhelmingly voted out of power.”

Indeed, Democrats are using January 6 to try to strip Americans of their liberties and try to permanently federalize elections.

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