BREAKING: Donald Trump Confirms Fears – Nation Stunned

President Donald Trump accused Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and other Republicans on Saturday of not fighting hard enough to secure a second term for him after the 2020 election, which Trump thinks was “rigged and stolen.”

“If a Democrat Presidential Candidate had an Election Rigged & Stolen, with proof of such acts at a level never seen before, the Democrat Senators would consider it an act of war, and fight to the death,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Mitch & the Republicans do NOTHING, just want to let it pass. NO FIGHT!”

Lawyers for Trump and several state GOP operations have presented evidence of voter fraud and illegal voting rule changes, but courts have repeatedly dismissed and rejected their challenges.

Democrats have seized on the courts’ refusals to claim that there was no voter fraud at all when that is clearly not the case. Investigations into potential fraud are ongoing, and if rule changes were ruled as unconstitutional, it could end up invalidating enough votes to change the winner of the election.

Unfortunately, Trump is running out of time to stop Biden’s inauguration, and it doesn’t seem like there is anything left to do that will bring that about at this point.

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