BREAKING: Donald Trump Confirms Campaign News – Voters Cheering…

In case there was any question of who Donald Trump is backing in Arizona, let’s lay that question to rest.

It’s Blake Masters.

Already leading in the polls over the next closest Republican by 15 percentage points, the endorsement only solidifies Masters’ case even further.

A recent twitter post on Masters account shows a message from Donald Trump calling Masters “an America first fighter” who has “my complete and total endorsement.”

The backing is a dream come true for the young Masters.

“Blake Masters is an incredible person, a very smart guy, and an America First fighter,” Trump said. “I endorsed Blake because he will protect our border, he stands for life, and he’s strong on election fraud. Frankly, he’s strong on everything needed to keep Arizona first.”

Arizona is a tremendously important state for Republicans because of both its proximity to the Mexican border and its current status as a swing state.

Trump won the state in 2016 when he won the election, but did not when he lost overall in 2020.

The more good conservatives can do in Arizona before Election Day 2024, the better chance we’ll see a victorious Republican on Inauguration Day.

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