BREAKING: Donald Trump Confirms Bombshell – It’s Over

President Donald Trump is making major changes to his cabinet, and he is sending the message that no longer will the mainstream media be free to cancel conservative voices.

According to a high-level source in the Trump administration, they will no longer consider the mainstream media’s smears and allegations when it comes to hiring people to work in the administration.

The source told Breitbart News that, “The media have become experts at crying wolf, and as a result, their credibility is at an all-time low. The days of canceling conservatives are over.”

The Trump administration has made several personnel moves that have attracted furious criticism from the left, but at this point, the message is clear, the media is uncredible, and they have overplayed their hand for years.

While President Trump is right to ignore the mainstream media and the left, one has to wonder what took him so long to make actual changes in the administration.

Assuming Joe Biden ultimately wins the election, President Trump only has two months in office left. The Trump administration’s actions should have happened on day 1, not in the 11th hour.

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