BREAKING: Donald Trump ATTACKED – Media Reports Confirmed

President Donald Trump ordered an airstrike on Thursday that killed a top Iranian military leader, Gen. Qassem Soleimani, head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and affiliated Quds Force, who has been deemed a terrorist and is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans and the wounding of thousands more in Iraq and around the globe.

While the killing of Soleimani is objectively a good thing, Trump-hating Democrats couldn’t help themselves but to attack him for ordering the killing of one of our nation’s top enemies.

That would include 2020 candidate and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, who used an appearance on CNN on Thursday night to express his lack of confidence in President Trump’s foreign policies and his belief that the president has no overarching strategy for dealing with issues around the world.

“I do not have great confidence [in] this president’s foreign policy. The way he is going about things, his so-called America First policy, seems to be America isolated, America alone, and America less secure,” Booker said.

To be sure, Booker agreed that Soleimani had been responsible for the deaths of many Americans and was a “destabilizing” force in the Middle East, and even seemed to caution against quickly drawing conclusions before all of the facts were known — except, of course, for nonetheless criticizing President Trump.

You can read the full story right here.

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