BREAKING: Donald Trump ATTACKED – Fans Stunned By…

Former President Donald Trump was just publicly attacked and millions of supporters are stunned by it. The incident was on national television.

In a fiery back and forth, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace accused Trump of “witness tampering” during the January 6 phone call with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

“Has the president ever reached out to you since that report came out to discuss what you and he talked about in the January 6 phone call and did you say to him ‘I can’t because we are under oath?'” asked Wallace.

McCarthy responded, “No.” Wallace pressed again. “Never happened. Never even close,” said McCarthy. At that point, you would think that Wallace would relent — but then he got vicious instead.

“And if it did happen, you would agree that would be witness tampering?” asked Wallace. McCarthy responded that it would be, but that he “has never heard that rumor before today.”

It would seem that Wallace is still taking cues from MSNBC and CNN, attempting to turn the phone call between Trump on McCarthy on January 6 (about the Capitol riot) into a major scandal.

Read the full story here.

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27 Responses

  1. Everyone knows Wallace is a DEMONRATS best friend !!!! So, absolutely not shocking to see him go after a Republican and especially Trump !!!! Just look back to the presidential debates !!!!!!! Wallace =s DNC !!!!!!!

  2. Wallace is a wansy pansy sort of guy..he just looking for air time…don’t give it to him…he reminds me of an old dish rag…kinda like nancy pelosi…

  3. Chris Wallace will never be the man his father was. This Wallace is a sham of a reporter, he could care less about the truth and knows nothing about fairness. He needs to go to mainstream media with the rest of the blue kool aid brigade

  4. Republicans should know better than to go on FOX News. When Chris Wallace attacked Trump in the debate with Biden, he constantly cut Trump off and didn’t press Biden to answer any of the real questions. Questions about how Hunter became so rich, or his laptop or any other question that Biden lied about. Said he wasn’t going to pack the court, wasn’t going to shut down the pipeline, wasn’t going to take our guns and so many other lies he’s already gone back on. I trust a few Fox commentators, but not those protecting Soros’, they are responsible for a covering his corruption!

  5. Chris Wallace does not belong on Fox News for a long long time he has an agenda and he is holding it close to his chest


  7. Why does FOX keep Wallace on the payroll when all he is doing is turning people from FOX. He is a worthless piece of crap. Anybody and I do mean anybody could do a better job and for a lot less money. Their rating are cratering and pretty soon their revenue will too, if it already hasn’t.

  8. Not only is Trixie right about wallace being ‘double-tongued’, but he is an elitist. I grew up in a well to do famlly in New England, and I know how elitists think and act. It’s because they have MORE MONEY than they know what to do with. For 20 years I have lived in Texas, and I’ll tell you these elitists NEED to have a coming-to-Jesus like I did – in Texas.

  9. This January 6th incident needs to take a nap. The incident is probably still under investigation and President Trump was found to not have a sliver of input. Chris Wallace is a very hateful person. He has no business in the news business. Hopefully he will retire this year, but I’m afraid he’ll stay in as long as President Trump is “still alive and talking”.

  10. I would not watch Wallace, if he was the only thing on!! He is a known demorat, and I cannot understand why Fox keeps him. There are just a few people on Fox that I will watch, and they try hard to get rid of them.

  11. Walless is a a dumb F Er.he’s worth.NOTHING !I think he’s on the other side of aman. He’s been never by many!

  12. I turn Fox News OFF when Chris Wallace is on.. He provides nothing, but the same rhetoric as CNN, where truth and honesty are NOT found. Sadly, America is being strangled by the Democrats AND people like Wallace, who denounce anyone who has a different view of American values than what they do.

  13. Chris Wallace is “covert operator” for the democrats. I have no regard, nor respect for his views or comments on President Trump. He hates President Trump for whatever reason. All Republicans who have done a great job, in their Conservative legislative character, are demeaned or degraded by Wallace. I have no use for Wallace, and i think, neither should any Republican.

  14. Want ever watch Wallace’s show again.
    Because I am an American and I believe in truth not lies.

  15. Wallace you are a piece of s**t and a liar and trying to incite racism and lies about the 6th. Pelosi and Schummer are the one’s who planned the whole thing to make it look like it was Trump NO Trump told the people to go in peace. Fox News when Wallace is on we turn you off. We dislike Wallace Immensely. Remember if he’s on we TURN YOU OFF.
    I say the democrat party used Covid to control us. I say AMERICA TAKE OFF THOSE MASKS. The democrat party is the enemy of the people. Especially Wallace, Pelosi, Schummer, Biden and Kamala and the rest of them. I refuse the vavvine because the dems. ,ay be putting chips in us.

  16. Chris Wallace is living off his fathers legacy.
    He is no Mike Wallace.
    He is the perfect CCN-MSNBC -ABC-NBC reporter.

  17. Wallace is a weaselly scumbxx. Throwing in hypothetical is the low bar of a weasel. It’s a stupid trick. Wallace should be fired for being a slimy smelly wesel. And super ugly.**

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