BREAKING: Donald Trump ATTACKED – Body Said To Be…

President Donald Trump was attacked in a particularly shameful and hypocritical manner by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Appearing on CNN’s “Newsroom” on Friday, Pelosi said, “You would think that there would be an ounce in that big frame of decency to say something about the importance of voting in our democracy instead of criticizing somebody else’s eulogy.”

Pelosi openly attacked the President’s weight, something that would create fire and fury had Trump used such an attack.

Pelosi’s comments came after President Trump boasted of his accomplishments in working for minority communities. Before the coronavirus pandemic, the unemployment rate was on the decline in minority communities.

Fat-shaming is getting to be a habit for Pelosi. She recently said she worried about Trump’s health because of his morbidly obese condition. She also body-shamed Attorney General William Barr, calling him a “blob” when he sat for a hearing with the Congressional Judiciary Committee recently. It is discouraging to think that an octogenarian could still resort to such juvenile tactics.

While President Trump works for Americans, Democrats like Nancy Pelosi sit back and lob criticisms that they would consider abhorrent from anyone else.

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