BREAKING: Donald Trump Announcement Makes Biden FURIOUS [Details Here]

Former President Donald Trump’s Senior Advisor Lynne Patton blasted President Joe Biden, saying Trump helped minority communities more than Biden.

“Patton, a longtime Trump family aide and former Housing and Urban Development administrator for New York and New Jersey said that ‘the difference could not be more stark’ between Biden and Trump,” reports Breitbart News.

“She said Trump has constantly talked about economic empowerment, stating that Trump offered the Platinum Plan, which would have been an estimated $500 billion to help black communities, while ‘Biden has offered $30 million and crack pipes,'” reported Breitbart News.

“It’s no wonder that over 25 percent of black Americans and 33 percent of Hispanics regret voting for Joe Biden,” Patton said.

“Because we continue to see a reversal of policies that work, and it’s inexplicable. You know, voters today are unapologetically Family First and America First, as we’ve seen by the elections in Texas, Virginia, Ohio, and even New Jersey,” Patton added.

“Voters are tired of Democrats, divisive rhetoric, partisan investigations, and progressive policies. … Nobody cares about the January 6 committee. What they care about is putting food on their table, making sure that our kids aren’t taught, you know, outrageous, you know, gender identity and CRT at school,” Patton concluded.

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