BREAKING: Donald Trump Announcement Has Voters CHEERING – It’s Happening…

Former President Donald Trump announced that he would be holding a rally to support Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance that promised to be a game-changer in the hotly contested Republican primary.

Vance was one of many candidates vying for Trump’s endorsement as it would likely be enough to decide the winner.

Republican candidates Mike Gibbons, Jane Timken, and Josh Mandel, all did their level best to get Trump’s seal of approval, but it was ultimately Vance that won out.

Larry Sabato, University of Virginia Center for Politics Director, told Fox News that “Here is a case where the Trump endorsement could really make all the difference. He wasn’t one of the two leaders. But it seems to me like Trump’s endorsement could easily propel Vance to a victory.”

Trump’s endorsement has been the focus of Republican primaries nationwide as candidates work to secure the support of Trump’s loyal voter base. Vance responded to the endorsement by saying, “It’s hugely powerful. I think it’s the only endorsement in politics that actually moves votes, and it moves a lot of votes, especially here in Ohio.”

Vance is particularly lucky as not only did he secure Trump’s endorsement, but he also got Trump to come to Ohio to hold one of his famous rallies that are sure to energize and excite voters to get out and support Vance’s cause.

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