BREAKING: Donald Trump And Will Smith Have This In Common – Read This NOW…

Sirius Radio personality Howard Stern compared Will Smith to Former President Donald Trump after Smith slapped Chris Rock during the live Academy Award telecast on Sunday.

Stern said, “He opened hand with a lot of force, smacks him right in the mouth on TV. Now the first thing I said to myself was, ‘What the f*** is going on? Is this a bit?’ Because where is security? This is a live television event.”

“Not one person came out because he’s Will Smith,” Stern went on. “This is how Trump gets away with s**t. Will Smith and Trump are the same guy. He decided he’s going to take matters into his own hands. At a time when the world is at war. Bad timing, man.”

Co-host Robin Quivers said, “It shows where we are as human beings like you can’t even say something in a room without a war breaking out.”

Stern always has an interesting perspective on things, but I don’t ever recall any reports that Trump slapped anyone. And the press certainly never gave him a pass on anything he did do, even things plenty who came before him also did.

Read the full story here.

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