BREAKING: Donald and Melania Trump Make Shock Announcement [Read It Here]

Former President Donald Trump is coming in hot with some class this Thanksgiving holiday.

Students in Colby, Kansas were told to write a handwritten letter to someone who inspires them, resulting in letters to Trump.

“The power of a written note strikes again!” Colby Public Schools said in a post on Facebook with an attached letter from Donald and Melania Trump.

“Thank you for your wonderful letter. We are inspired by your kind words and heartened by your support,” the letter reads.

“With very best wishes,” the letter concluded with handwritten signatures from the former president and First Lady.

The class, led by Mr. Walker, was asked to write a handwritten note to someone who has inspired them.

Mr. Walker has loved writing since he was a child and had asked his students to learn about the significance a handwritten note can hold.

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