BREAKING: Don Jr. KICKED OUT – Trump Family Shocked

Donald Trump Jr. has been kicked out and the entire Trump family is in shock. The president’s eldest son is furious, and the fireworks are just getting started. This is stunning.

According to Breitbart News, Trump Jr. remained “locked out” of his Twitter account “following the platform’s shutdown of access to all verified accounts after a massive hack of prominent individuals yesterday.”

Interestingly enough, Twitter has “restored access to most verified accounts by now,” yet Trump Jr. and his spokesman, Andrew Surabian, still cannot access their accounts — and their accounts weren’t compromised due to the hack.

Surabian said that they have both attempted to get Twitter’s assistance on the matter, but the social media platform has allegedly gone silent. “We haven’t heard anything from Twitter on how/why this happened,” he said.

Will Twitter do anything to restore the accounts for Trump Jr. and Surabian? So far, it appears that the company is in no hurry and many are now speculating about ulterior motives. Time will tell if this suspicion proves to be true.

Fans missing Trump Jr’s presence on Twitter can head over to his Instagram account where he shares much of the same commentary and humor. Instagram is owned by Facebook and, ironically, the platform has been far less prone to censorship.

Read the full story here.

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