BREAKING: Domestic Spy Bombshell – Stealthy Group Revealed…

Transgender activists are admitting in new messaging that they have failed to convince most people, even progressive allies, to go along with suppressing people’s recognition of sex differences.

A new messaging guide from the Transgender Law Center said “we can at best elicit sympathy, a passive and often patronizing attitude that alienates our base [of current supporters] and fails to generate sustained interest from persuadable audiences.”

Recent polls have shown that only small minorities of people go along with the narrative that there are more than two genders, and there has been strong pushback against transgender women (who are biologically male) competing against biological women in sports.

The group advocated playing on people’s sympathies to feel sorry for supposed persecution that transgender people are going through, including social and sexual rejection.

They hoped to use the stealth tactics of the Race Class Gender Narrative to make more gains in public opinion.

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