BREAKING: Dolly Parton Confirms Fears – Fans Stunned

In a Billboard profile published Thursday, Dolly Parton offered unique views on the current police brutality protests and the Black Lives Matter movement.

While she didn’t endorse the BLM organization itself, she did acknowledge the adversity many faced in the country’s history.

“I understand people having to make themselves known and felt and seen,” she said. “And of course Black lives matter. Do we think our little white asses are the only ones that matter? No!”

The legendary singer and performer also explained that she had decided to remove the word “Dixie” from her Stampede dinner attraction because she didn’t have any desire to offend anyone.

“There’s such a thing as innocent ignorance, and so many of us are guilty of that,” she said. “As soon as you realize that [something] is a problem, you should fix it.”

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