BREAKING: Disturbing Spying Feature Found On Twitter – Nation Stunned

Twitter has unveiled a new feature called “Birdwatch” that encourages users to flag and report each others’ tweets if they think the tweets contain misinformation.

The idea behind the feature is to “broaden the range of voices” on the platform that can combat inaccurate information, but as with most things liberals think are great ideas, the feature will inevitably lead to chaos and disaster.

Twitter wants users to provide “helpful context” to others’ tweets, and requires that only verified accounts with phone numbers on file with Twitter be allowed to use the feature, in order to weed out bots and other fraudulent accounts.

The problem with “Birdwatch” is that people are just going to get into flagging wars with it, and begin to use the flags to try to silence those they don’t agree with.

It’s going to be as much of a mess as everything else the left-biased social media platform has been doing lately.

Read the full story here.

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