BREAKING: Disturbing Biden Video Stuns Nation – It’s Really Him

During a rally on Friday in Dallas, Pennsylvania, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden was caught having a bizarre brain freeze and horribly mispronounced the phrase, “true international pressure.”

In the clip that comes about 10 minutes into Biden’s speech, Biden says, “I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize truaninonashufodopressure,” no doubt leaving many extremely confused.

Joe Biden’s cognitive and physical decline has been well documented over the campaign trail and it doesn’t take a medical expert to know that Joe Biden isn’t fit to be President.

Joe Biden is 78-years-old and not getting any younger, hardly the kind of man that should be running for the nation’s top office. Biden should retire from politics and live out his final years with his family and yet he has trotted or rather shuffled out to try and win the election for the Democrat party.

Biden’s campaign has done their level best to cover up Biden’s failing health. Biden has done only a few heavily scripted and brief events after which he and his gaffes are then whisked away to the safety of his basement.

Clips like the one from Pennsylvania make it clear that Biden is declining and won’t be president for long if he wins the election. Democrats will move to quickly replace him with Kamala Harris and voters must understand that.

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