BREAKING: Disaster Strikes Joe Biden On Live TV – America Stunned…

President Joe Biden’s press conference on live television had disastrous results for his approval ratings.

According to John Nolte of Breitbart, “the early polling after His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s disastrous press conference sees the enfeebled president hitting two record lows in the RealClearPolitics poll of polls.”

Nolte pointed out that for the “first time in his failed presidency, Biden’s average approval rating has sunk to a dismal 40.5 percent.”

Per the report:

Additionally, for the first time in his failed presidency, Biden’s average disapproval rating has hit an all-time high of 55.3 percent.

His Fraudulency is now upside-down by a whopping 14.8 points.

While we will know more about the post-press conference polling after the weekend, it is no surprise to see the numbers headed in this direction directly after that shambolic Wednesday afternoon White House press conference.

It is going to be very difficult for the Democrats at the midterms if the top Democrat in America is also the most unpopular president in history.

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