BREAKING: Dick Durbin Flip-Flops On Major Issue – Senate Stunned

Before Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) called for getting rid of the filibuster and said it had a “death grip” on the Senate, he said in 2018 that getting rid of it would “would be the end of the Senate.” Of course, Republicans were in charge when Durbin made that dire prediction in 2018, and now the power structure has reversed, if narrowly.

Now, of course, it benefits Durbin and the Democrat party to dump the filibuster so they can shove the kind of radical policies the House churns out on a weekly basis through the Senate with Vice President Kamala Harris’s tie-breaking vote.

So that’s exactly what he wants to do, and it amounts to an attempted power grab that may never end.

This is because Democrats plan to ram through legislation that could potentially keep them in power forever, like changes to election laws that make cheating the norm and immigration law changes that would create millions of new, mostly Democrat voters.

Don’t get me started on statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico that could make the Senate blue in perpetuity. If we don’t keep the filibuster, it’s all over, and Democrats including Durbin know it full well.

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9 Responses

  1. People just don’t believe how the Democrats have turned into communist and if you think about it have really become the top enemies of the United States they’re doing everything in their power to break this country down… they’re worse than the mob they don’t even try to hide their corruption look over the last few years how many have committed treason obamagate Benghazi The Fast and Furious Crossfire hurricane… but none of them being held accountable just like this summer when all the city for Bernie and people were being murdered yes American citizens in a Democrats goodbye and even supported these terrorists look at Kamala Harris she even set up a fundraiser so they can get bailed out and go burn more stuff… this is sad what the Democratic party has turned into…. and our country is probably going to start looking like a lot of these Democratic slums that they called District

  2. Let us American’s take them on. When it comes to voting this year vote them all out or we will all be done as the free Americans. Bring in the REPUBLICIANS !! AND TRUMP !!!

    1. Voting for anything means nothing anymore, you did witness the most corrupt voter fraud in 2020. Until that is addressed and fixed voting means nothing at all!

  3. Yes, democrats have somehow lost their ability to even “qualify” for any political position in the United States of America. This election was so illegal it stinks to high heaven. Only, we, the people with a vote, can bring back not only our best President in many decades if not since President Lincoln, but we must also replace all the anti-United States’ Constitution politicians…both democrats plus RHINO republicans asap; i.e., at every single, upcoming election!

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