BREAKING: Diane Feinstein REMOVAL Notice – She’s OUT

A San Francisco elementary school is considering changing its name to remove Sen. Diane Feinstein’s (D-CA) name from it because of alleged past behaviors Feinstein’s office is disputing as untrue.

A list of schools that could be renamed said that Feinstein evicted an entire neighborhood of Filipino people in her district and that she allowed police dogs to attack the Filipinos. It also said she flew the Confederate flag at City Hall.

Feinstein’s office said that the Filipinos were evicted from a hotel the year before Feinstein took office so it could be demolished and that the flying of the Confederate flag also happened years before she took office.

“The school district is free to take whatever action it deems necessary, but it’s important to know the flag, part of a design installed years before Sen. Feinstein was a supervisor or mayor, came down during her tenure as mayor,” Feinstein spokesman Tom Mentzer told the San Francisco Chronicle.

The list included several other progressives including former Mayor Willie Brown and environmentalist John Muir.

Read the full story here.

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