Devastating airstrikes were just launched against America’s enemies. Terrorists were targeted and at least four are dead — this is how you keep the pressure on.

“In coordination with the federal government of Somalia, US Africa Command conducted three airstrikes in two locations targeting al-Shabab militants,” read a U.S. military press release.

Al-Shabab is a terrorist cell based out of Somalia and allied with Al-Qaeda. They have “ruthlessly killed hundreds” since the group’s “first external attack in 2010.”

“They have attacked and killed African partners, allies, and fellow Americans,” said U.S. Army Maj. Gen. William Gayler. “They are a global menace and their sights are set on … attacking the U.S. homeland.”

The U.S. military is also reporting zero civilian casualties during the airstrikes and that “the principles of the Law of Armed Conflict during the course of our operations to ensure the safety of civilians.”

Under the leadership of President Trump, we have given no quarter to terrorists — wherever they take up refuge. Militant jihadists who murder and destroy have nowhere to hide now.

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