BREAKING: Devastating Diagnosis Rocks Joe Biden – Nation Stunned

Former President Donald Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow blasted President Joe Biden’s tax hikes, especially the plan to double the capital gains tax.

Kudlow called the proposal a bid to wage war on businesses and said it was “nuts.”

“[I]f they get rid of the filibuster, then a lot of the legislative agenda will go through,” Kudlow told a New York AM radio host.

Higher taxes “are not going to build an economy,” Kudlow said. “You’re not going to be competitive around the world. You’re not going to bring investment home. You’re going to repel investment. Corporations will leave. Inversions will start all over again. If we wage war on businesses and wealthy investors, that is nuts. And that’s part of this class warfare that will do great harm to our economy and to the stock market.”

Biden has to know that all of this is true. Which makes me wonder why he’s really doing it?

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10 Responses

  1. Very few politicians learn much the first few years. The fast majority do not understand the corporate world of business– after all they only focus on getting re elected.
    To improve our great country we need to
    1) Limit Terms
    2) no campaign donations larger than $500
    3) no ex/ retired Congress members allowed to be calling on current Congress members

  2. Again the answer is simple! Anytime in the past that we have had a Democrat as President we have been at war and Biden is trying to get us involved in another at this time with Iran, Syria, North Korea, and China. If he and Kamala stay in the office you can bet we will be at war shortly. All of these countries either have nuclear weapons or are working on building them. Guess who their main target will be!

  3. concerned citizen, I agree with you 100%. I even put on FB that we would have some unwanted visitors, Iran, Korea, Russia, China. I have never made a prediction before. I really hope that this doesn’t happen.
    Raising taxes will never create more money. It takes the opposite to gain more money. The crazy demo’s no that, however, they do it every time that they get into the WH.

  4. I think all of these Democratic that are in office right know needs to go we don’t need any more taxes. Trump prove that we can create a better country if we the people stick together as one and believe in one another it makes this country stronger that’s what we need.

  5. I agree with all the comments. There is only one thing I have to say: When the American people went to vote for our next President, they were so upset with Trump that all the false statements the papers, TVs and radios put out just made them believe. Then the principals and deans came out teaching our young men and women that Trump was the reason we were in state. So they flocked to the polls and voted for our new government. So the “American” people followed these people and put them in office. Now they are crying because of the mess we are in.

    1. Jacqueline Cox trump won they all cheated in five states one being mine (michigan) makes me sick now we have a lunatic for a president

  6. Censored again! That happens a lot. I guess whatever I say must hit a nerve with politicians. It also means someone has broken the First Amendment, because free speech is gone.

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