BREAKING: Dems PANIC Over Iowa Bombshell – They’re In Shock

The Democratic Party is panicking over this bombshell out of Iowa. They are in total shock, but they only have themselves to blame. This is what happens when you cater to radicals.

On his show this week, Fox News superstar Sean Hannity noted that Bernie Sanders, an outspoken socialist, “has surged into the lead and the Democratic establishment is in a state of shock and panic.”

Now, as Hannity pointed out, Democrat leaders — like they did in 2016 — are trying to rig the primary against Sanders. This time, a rule change for debate participation is how they are doing it.

“The DNC is changing the rules so that one of Bernie’s top challengers — maybe Bloomberg or whoever else, can take the debate stage without meeting requirements,” said Hannity.

Bloomberg, who has been blanketing the nation with ads from his personal piggybank, doesn’t have any individual donors, which was a requirement to appear in a Democrat debate until now.

Sanders’ ideas and policy proposals are “downright scary,” noted Hannity, but what’s going on here is obvious — Democrats are trying to deprive Sanders of momentum after a strong performance in Iowa.

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