BREAKING: Dems Kick Joe Biden OUT – He’s DONE

Democrats have made the announcement.

As a group, they know that Joe Biden’s endorsement is a death sentence.

Kind of amazing, isn’t it? Joe Biden is actually failing so bad that perspective members of Congress don’t want the ACTIVE PRESIDENT endorsing them because they know it will tank their chances at victory.

According to Republican Elise Stefanik, a Representative from New York, “No Dem ‘wants Joe Biden to campaign for them.'”

“My top-line thoughts was this was a big night for the Republican Party. Here are some important statistics that haven’t been covered yet but are really an indicator of how big this red wave is going to be this November. This was the highest Republican turnout across the board in a primary in over two decades. Also, if you look at the state of Pennsylvania, 62% of unaffiliated voters broke for and voted for the Republican Party. So, you can see the energy is there. The enthusiasm is there. We have GOT to continue to work to make the case about how we will save this country from the destruction we’re seeing under a unified, failed, far-left Democrat government. Another important takeaway is Joe Biden’s first endorsed candidate, Kurt Schrader, lost in his primary in Oregon. That is an indicator not only of Joe Biden’s plummeting support, but you can see the Democrat Party, whether it’s the Pennsylvania Senate outcome or that Oregon race, lurching further and further to the left.”

She concluded by saying that “no Democrat in a swing district wants Joe Biden to campaign for them. No Democrat facing a tough primary wants Joe Biden to campaign for them. So, Joe Biden’s approval continues to plummet among Democrats as well as, of course, independent voters across the country. That’s the opposite of President Trump.”

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