BREAKING: Dems Get Impeachment SURPRISE – Trump Is Laughing

Democrats just received an impeachment surprise. President Trump is laughing — Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other anti-Trump politicians brought this on themselves. This is incredible.

In a new scientific poll from Gallup, which was “released on the eve of a likely Senate vote to acquit” the president, his approval rating rose to 49% — “his highest mark in that poll since he took office.”

The results were reported by The Hill this week, in which the publication noted that the numbers reflect “a surge in support for Trump from Republicans and independents.”

This is yet another terrifying scenario for Democrats. Trump’s approval rating hovering around 50% shows that he isn’t nearly as hated as they would want people to believe.

However, Americans like leaders who produce results and Trump has been true to his word since taking office. The economy is thriving, illegal immigration has dropped significantly, and ISIS is in shambles.

Another interesting aspect of the poll: it has a margin of error of four percentage points, meaning Trump’s approval could be as high as 53% with the public. He will be re-elected in November.

Read the full story here.

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