BREAKING: Democrats Throw Joe Biden OUT – He’s Done

Democrat Congressmen facing close elections in next year’s midterms are turning on President Biden for allowing Afghanistan to fall to the Taliban after 20 years of war.

Representative Vicente Gonzalez (D-TX), who is in a vulnerable district, issued a statement saying, “the situation in Afghanistan is another shame” on President Biden.

Other Democrats have seen the writing on the wall and are jumping ship. While President Biden is certainly responsible for the fall of Afghanistan, criticizing him isn’t going to save Democrats in vulnerable districts.

The Democrat Party has done nothing but enable President Biden and his terrible foreign policy.

The fall of Afghanistan has become President Biden’s version of Saigon, and the electoral consequences could be historic. Democrats were already in an uphill battle to keep their legislative majority.

To make matters worse, President Biden has chosen to hide in the basement instead of addressing the nation. The fall of Afghanistan is a moment of national shame, and President Biden doesn’t even have the spine to address Americans.

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  4. What did the democrats expect when they put Biden up to run for president? How utterly stupid they are! Of all the democrats in the United States of America they chose Biden, a man who cannot form a sentence that makes any sense at all. Don’t you know that those who are giving him his orders are having great laughs at his expense?

  5. The reason Biden is kept hidden is because he only knows what is put in front of him by his handlers. They, the handlers, are the ones that need to be weeded out. They are using Biden and he doesn’t even know it. His wife should know it tho, but she is too power hungry to call them out and take her husband to a rest home.

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