BREAKING: Democrats Stun Ted Cruz – Republicans In Shock

Democrats have made the insane decision to block Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) amendment to prevent illegal aliens from receiving stimulus checks.

Cruz issued a statement following the vote that sent his amendment to the chopping block. Cruz said, “Not only does this COVID bill fail to address the real needs of the American people who are suffering, but it hands out billions in taxpayer dollars to illegal immigrants.”

The $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill has left a bitter taste in the mouths of Americans, and now we know that billions of dollars will be spent on illegal aliens while American citizens continue to struggle.

Limiting the stimulus payouts could have either saved $8 billion or direct that sum towards citizens. The decision by Democrats to open up relief funds to non-citizens is shameful and something that we should not forget anytime soon.

This came even as caps were put on the stimulus checks, which would prevent Americans earning certain amounts from receiving payouts.

Democrats are fiscally responsible when it comes to giving American’s money but are simultaneously writing blank checks to illegal aliens. Democrats are not representing Americans which is their only job.

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11 Responses

  1. Immigrants will send their stimulus checks back to mexico building their economy if the stimulus is going to immigration then put it into a fund to support them.

  2. THIS IS INSANE!!!! WHY are WE paying the Illegals!!!! I heard that in the previous “COVID” bill, they politicians gave themselves raises! OUTRAGEOUS!!! They SHOULD be paying us! They certainly do NOT represent us!

  3. well there goes the American’s Stimulus Checks, the illegals that have not contributed to any anything but free things when they arrived will get teh money that was suppose to go to us, as the 1.9 will not cover both. 🙁 such criminals, More should have stood up with TED and fought for the Americans.
    Sorry American’s the Demon rats did it to us again……..Pray…………to need the money to survive……….and we have worked and paid taxes for years, but now we lose because of the demon rats want to punish us and reward illegeals. They sure don’t have their heads screwed on straight.

  4. Illegal aliens are not just Mexican!! Central America, South America and other countries citizens want to invade for more then just benefits. They want to destroy democracy and capitalism. This will give the “demonrats” what they want for power, control and riches. I am so frustrated by always paying for others who can take care of themselves, legally. I struggle every month to budget for needs and very little treats. luxury and a much needed “little” vacation.! Taxes for the state and national government put me at or below the poverty level. I will sacrifice for people really in NEED and motivation to get ahead in life. Everything has so many controls and limits to “benefit” legal me…only illegals and other citizens who just get everything for FREE do not have controls, etc. What do they say…I am mad as hell!!! I am 84 and will not tolerate. That is why I am a REPUBLICAN and want America Great.Again.

  5. Anyone who voted for the Dems should be ashamed —– Democrats are a sick Party – period! Wake up Americas’ LEGAL citizens! And absolutely insist ONLY LEGAL votes cast in ANY election are PROPERLY VALIDATED and COUNTED at all times!!!!!!

  6. The Democrat Party as a whole are Evil and anti-American and the sooner America awakens to the fact the sooner we can take Evil on. With the US Justice Department, The US Supreme Court and Democrat leadership I feel there is only one way to save America! When the whole system is rigged against truth and honesty you are being treated as Hitler treated the Jews.

  7. Remember this (when & if we still can), go to the polls & vote, get all these truly horrible, vile, evil, stupid Democrats out of office & any turn cost Republicans! America wake up time to pay attention!!

  8. Unfortunately voting is in a questionable state with the demos rigging the elections. Make sure you stay in contact with your representatives and keep in contact on a regular basis to let them know you are watching what they are doing. Need the convention of states NOW to limit the powers .

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