BREAKING: Democrats Humiliated On Mask Science – AWKWARD!

Biden’s Democrats keep getting humiliated, and it happened again.

“Republicans are slamming the Democratic Party’s dramatic shift on mask mandates, saying the ‘science’ it claims to follow changes with the ‘political winds,'” reports Fox News.

“Exactly one year after he said the lifting of mask mandates in Republican-led states amounted to ‘Neanderthal thinking,’ President Biden gave his first State of the Union address Tuesday to a crowd of maskless Democrats who once led the way in backing lockdown orders and mandates over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic,” reports Fox News.

“With 215.7 million Americans now fully vaccinated, almost every state, with the notable exception of Hawaii, has eased or eliminated mask mandates, and Congress and the White House formally ditched their requirements in the days leading up to Biden’s historic address. Many have called into question the timing of the decision to lift the mandates, which Democrats insist is based purely on science,” reported Fox News.

“The Democrats’ mask obsession is about politics and control—not science,” said Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas.

“The Democrats’ ‘science’ changes as the political winds shift,” Cotton added.

“Democrats shouldn’t be thanked for no longer pointlessly hurting children, flouting the constitution, and shutting down businesses,” Republican Representative Jim Banks of Indiana said.

“And Republicans shouldn’t just forget what happened,” Banks continued. “These restrictions hurt millions of Americans and they were driven by politics. We need to hold the perpetrators accountable.”

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