BREAKING: Democrats Gets Bad News – 293 Million GONE

The Democratic Party just received some bad news — at least 293 million is gone and liberal activists, donors, and talking heads are stunned. They never expected this to happen.

“Democrats poured a record-breaking $293 million into crucial Senate races in 2020, only to find out that those seats would go to the GOP,” reported Breitbart News. Republicans will now likely retain the Senate majority in 2021.

This is a shocking defeat for Democrats, who believed the fake polls and poured buckets of cash into unwinnable races in South Carolina, Kentucky, Texas, and Maine. On top of that, Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) was defeated by his GOP challenger.

Instead of representing the conservative values of Alabama, Jones spent two years a water boy for the Democratic Party and lost handily to former Auburn University coach Tommy Tuberville. Come January, Jones will be gone.

Now, all eyes are on the two Senate races in Georgia going to runoff elections. Senators David Purdue (R) and Kelly Loeffler (R) are defending their seats from competitive Democrat opponents, meaning Georgia is now ‘ground zero’ for U.S. politics.

Over the next few months, an unprecedented amount of money and manpower will flow into The Peach State. In the meantime, however, Democrats will have to lick their wounds over just how badly they lost on Election Day.

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