BREAKING: Democrats Get SHUT DOWN – GOP Drops Bomb On Congress

The Democrats may think they can end the filibuster in an effort to ram-rod their ultra-progressive agenda down the collective throats of an unsuspecting nation, but Senator Rick is peeling the covers off of the secret so America can see the truth.

And the truth is this: The Democrats need the GOP to get the necessary quorum to end the filibuster –and that seems unlikely given their current tone and tact.

“I mean, look, if they want to do this, then nothing will happen in the Senate. First off, they need us to show up and have a quorum, said Scott during a recent interview. “They need us there if they want to get something done. And also, on top of that, everything in the Senate is done by unanimous consent. So, we can slow everything down.”


Looks like the Democrats can’t play fastball after all.

To read more about Scott’s statements, click here.

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14 Responses

  1. My Homeland has been taken over by criminals, they trample all over our Constitution, they lie, cheat, steal, and they are destroying my America! I don’t know what to do, I love my Country! Does anyone else think the DNC is the most destructive enemy we have ever faced? The DNC are a bunch of traitors!

  2. As an American born citizen, I would like to make a Citizens arrest, every one of the Congressional DNC are criminals, they have written their own version of the Constitution and that is treason! I demand as a Citizen that the entire DNC be arrested and put on trial for treason! We don’t steal elections in America you pathetic trash DNC!
    Rob Waddell


  4. If I were a member of these Armed services an to be of draft age I would refused to go to war ever again. All the Democrat’s want to do from now on is to humite our great service an disrespect our soldiers. An treat and disrespect our Veterans and put them down as second citizens and start wars and have them fight to and have them hamulated by other nations. I love this country and our Veterans they need respect. The National Guard are being treated like crap. So before you sign up, think how our soldiers are being treated and taken care of, all the men in our families died for this great nation. These politicians need to be ram rodded out and new people eleced.

  5. What amazes me is that our Democratic elected officials are following along like little lambs and doing the dirty work of the corrupt leaders. I’m reasonably sure that we didn’t elect people that told us they would kill energy, raise taxes, reduce jobs, open borders, take our guns or stop building the wall. If you voted for a person that lied to you, you really need to speak to them about your expectations for your Country, State, Community, and Family because the Democrats appear to be on a path to destruction of our way of life. Call them, write them and show up to townhall meetings and politely explain the reasons you are upset with their performance. Please vote informed!!!!

  6. What good is this forum doing ??? Who gets the results ??? Is this a waste of time ??? Yes, I agree that the liberals are destroying this country at a rapid pace !!! It seems that the majority of politicians are out to fill their pockets and the devil with the American people !!! What is it going to take for the American people to ban together to get rid of this trash now in the administration ???

  7. The DNC is going to have to stand in front of our great supreme judge (GOD) and give account of all their wrong doings while they were representatives and senators of the congress of the United States. Including all the millions of abortions they approved. It will be gnashing of teeth and crying but it will be too late unless they repent and ask for forgiveness. May GOD have mercy on the DNC.

  8. I have learned that nothing is permitted to happen unless GOD approves it, so I am praying that the DNC change its ways of legislating and think of all U.S. Americans well being and stop thinking about lining their pockets with our hard earned dollars. Also while they are at it REPENT and ask GOD for forgiveness. Please DNC do not wait for GODs wrath to come overyou like it came over the Pharoah of Egypt and you regret not obeying GOD.

  9. DNC please don’t let your actions bring shame to you and your wife and children. Money and power is not the way. Obey and be just and fair. Remember GOD loves all sinners but you have to repent and admit to GOD that you are a sinner and repent.

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