BREAKING: Democrats Get Bad News On Father’s Day – Video Stuns Nation

Democrats got a rough reminder on Father’s Day that the culture war in America is far from won. A black-led, Minnesota-based family, faith, and free enterprise movement took out an ad on Father’s Day calling for the resurrection of the two-parent household in the black community.

The ad reads, “In our lifetime, the black family has declined from approximately 80 percent two-parent to 80 percent fatherless homes without one national initiative to reverse the trend – until now!”

The instability of family units in the African-American community has contributed to serious instability in the Black community.

The ad continues saying, “The black community endured decades of discrimination and maltreatment, however the family unit remained intact during the worse of times. Not wealthy in tangible assets, the black community was rich in culture and in faith, before government programs and perverse incentives drove a wedge into the black family.”

This movement to restore the Black family is an important one and signals a turning point for the political breakdown of the Black community.

Republicans have long sought to bring independence and prosperity to the Black community. A Black community free of government reliance is a community that will no longer vote exclusively for Democrats.

Read the full story here.

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