BREAKING: Democrats FURIOUS Over New Count – It’s More Than DOUBLE

Democrats are absolutely furious over a new count. It is more than double and they can’t believe it. This is a stunning revelation.

“Shootings in Democrat-controlled Portland, Oregon, are up over 116 percent as compared to shootings in the city during 2019,” reported Breitbart News, based upon a Fox News story.

“Fox News reports ‘at least 850 shootings…as of Christmas Eve’ 2020, compared to 393 shootings for all of 2019,” continued Breitbart. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out one of the contributing factors.

Portland has been “a hotbed for anti-police/defund the police demonstrations in 2020” and Portland’s mayor, Ted Wheeler, has done nothing to stand up for them. The city council has been even more radical.

Back in June, the Portland City Council “approved a budget for the upcoming fiscal year that will cut an additional $15 million from the police bureau’s budget.”

It is a simple and devastating cause and effect. Police exist to maintain peace and protect law-abiding citizens from criminals. When you disparage and defund them, violence will inevitably rise. It is a tragic lesson.

Read the full story here.

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