BREAKING: Democrats End It All – Police Officers In Shock

House Democrats stopped three bills on Saturday to fund police, research for coronavirus vaccines, and small business relief.

House Republicans, who are the minority, introduced the measures to address the ongoing issues facing the nation. Police are facing funding cuts while many Americans are struggling economically.

Democrats have made it clear that they will allow no Republican legislation to go through the House. Pelosi even admitted that “strategically” it wasn’t a good idea to pass any relief legislation.

While it is unsurprising to hear that Democrats rejecting funding for law enforcement, the fact that they shot down research for coronavirus treatments is downright shocking.

Economic aid for Americans is another issue that Democrats refuse to budge on. Democrats will hold American’s hostage until the election is over so Republicans can’t have a “win.”

Americans must remember this when they vote in November. Democrats don’t care about Americans and will use us as pawns in their political games.

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