BREAKING: Democrats CAUGHT Red Handed – Election Fraud Is…

Two New Jersey councilmen and two campaign workers were charged with election fraud, mail-in voting fraud, and illegal possession of mail-in ballots last week.

The men were involved in recent city council elections in Paterson, where the all mail-in election resulted in 20% of ballots being thrown out.

City Councilman Michael Jackson (D) and Councilman-elect Alex Mendez (D) allegedly violated state election laws when they collected mail-in ballots from voters in recent city council elections and delivered them to the Passaic County Board of Elections without identifying himself.

Jackson also allegedly completed an uncompleted and unsealed ballot, while Mendez delivered one or more ballots that he knew were fraudulent. The other men also handed in mail-in ballots without identifying themselves and handed in known fraudulent ballots.

In-person voting has not been proven to lead to much coronavirus transmission, with only 52 cases and no deaths in Wisconsin after 400,000 people voted there.

Read the full story here.

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