BREAKING: Democrats CAUGHT Hiding Health Report – America Needs To Know…

Washington’s Democrats are finding it extremely difficult to keep Feinstein’s declining health a secret.

Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California is 88-years-old and suffering from mental health disease, according to Breitbart News.

“Feinstein — the Senate Judiciary Committee ranking member when the Democrats were in the minority party in the previous congress, then was forced by her caucus leader, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), to step down — has recently struggled to recall names of colleagues as well as meeting and conversations,” reports Breitbart News.

“On Capitol Hill, among Democrats and Republicans, it has been ‘widely’ but also ‘always privately’ accepted that Feinstein is suffering from ‘acute short-term memory issues,'” reports Breitbart.

The New York Times reported:

At 88, Ms. Feinstein sometimes struggles to recall the names of colleagues, frequently has little recollection of meetings or telephone conversations, and at times walks around in a state of befuddlement — including about why she is increasingly dogged by questions about whether she is fit to serve in the Senate representing the 40 million residents of California, according to half a dozen lawmakers and aides who spoke about the situation on the condition of anonymity.

Ms. Feinstein is often engaged during meetings and phone conversations, usually coming prepared and taking notes. But hours later, she will often have forgotten those interactions, said the people familiar with the situation, who insisted that they not be named because they did not want to be quoted disparaging a figure they respect.

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