BREAKING: Democrat Scandal EXPOSED – Donald Trump Was RIGHT

Democrats have had yet another one of their vile plans exposed as Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) dug into their motivations behind creating the January 6th Commission.

Senator Johnson appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” where he both questioned the Commission itself and the motivations of Democrats who are so zealously pushing it.

Senator Johnson told Tucker Carlson, “What this is all about is that they’re probably figuring out they can’t impeach Donald Trump for a third time. So this is the only way they can keep their false narrative that there were thousands of armed insurrectionists that stormed the Capitol intent on overthrowing this government.”

It is true that Democrats were never able to get over their failure to impeach former President Trump. This new commission gives them the power they need to demonize Trump and those who dared to support him.

Senator Johnson continued saying, “By extension, they can paint with a very broad brush that the 75 million Americans that voted for Donald Trump are also potentially domestic terrorists, and would be armed insurrectionists themselves if the FBI doesn’t intervene soon enough.”

The January 6th Commission is just another tool that Democrats will use to hide the truth about what really happened on January 6th. They are hell-bent on labeling millions of Americans as terrorists for the crime of having the wrong politics.

Read the full story here.

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