BREAKING: Democrat REVERSAL – Joe Biden’s Bank Records Prove…

Several conservative groups have sent a letter to House Democrats who have been trying for years to get President Donald Trump’s taxes and other financial records, asking that they would demand Joe Biden’s financial records as well.

The letter refers to emails found on a laptop left by Hunter Biden at a Delaware computer shop that refer to foreign business dealings that involved Joe Biden, including a 10% equity stake in a Chinese company.

It also alleges that it is “public record” that when Joe Biden was vice president, he took his son Hunter on international trips soon after which Hunter made deals in those countries, and also that Joe Biden had a foreign prosecutor removed in a quid pro quo that could have involved an investigation into those business dealings.

Finally, it points out that Joe Biden apparently lied about never discussing Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings with him, according to the emails discovered.

“In any case,” the letter concluded, “we hope that you would welcome the chance to assist Vice President Biden in laying to rest any allegations that he was using his office and official travel to influence foreign governments or entities to benefit his son’s businesses. And to answer this question: Was any of that income received by Vice President Biden or other family members?”

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