BREAKING: Democrat Issues Jail Announcement – Trump Furious

Representative Veronica Escobar (D-TX) said during an appearance on The Intercept’s podcast that Stephen Miller, who worked as an aide to former President Donald Trump, should be jailed.

Escobar claims that Miller is responsible for human rights violations that allegedly occurred during the Trump administration. Escobar alleges that Miller is responsible for child separation at the border even though child separation began under the Obama administration.

Host Ryan Grim asked Escobar, “Is there still talk about potentially prosecuting people in the past for what was done? And how long would you give the Biden administration or the DHS leadership or the CBP leadership to improve this situation before similar calls were made this time around?”

Escobar responded by saying, “So to the accountability and prosecution question, I think Stephen Miller should be behind bars. I think he committed heinous human rights violations, and I think that those around him who helped plot this out should be held accountable as well. That is going to be very difficult, but it kills me that these people could potentially walk away — and even potentially rebuild their reputations. I mean, I find them to be just among the most reprehensible, abhorrent people that our generation could have ever produced.”

Escobar has an ax to grind with Miller despite the fact that child separation is an Obama-era policy. It would be helpful to hear her opinion on former President Obama and if she believes he should be jailed for “human rights violations.”

Escobar believes Miller is one of the most “reprehensible and abhorrent” of his generation, which seems to be extremely hyperbolic. The truth is Escobar has betrayed her partisan nature in her answer and merely is targeting Miller because he is on the wrong side of the same coin.

Read the full story here.

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4 Responses

  1. Escobar, if I was you–I would look in your backyard before making these kind of comments. Most persons who talk like this are covering up for something they have done. All they want is to get the eye off themselves–and put some where else. Escobar–maybe the system should be looking at your back ground-maybe something big is there

  2. If your are going to jail anyone, start with Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Escobar. These Democratic jerk off’s have committed high treason and should not only be jailed, but shot.

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