BREAKING: Democrat Insider ADMITS It’s True – Numbers Are FAKE

The bombshell news coming out of New York is changing the entire politics landscape for Governor Andrew Cuomo.

A stunning report from Breitbart News reveals “Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s top aide admitted that her team withheld the number of deaths related to COVID-19 in New York’s nursing homes to shield the Cuomo government from federal investigation and political scrutiny.”

The intentional tampering with data, if the allegation is true, would be a serious ethical and criminal breach. The fallout would be devastating to Gov. Cuomo.

“In a recorded call with state Democrat lawmakers, DeRosa said Cuomo’s team feared a federal investigation in the context of former President Donald Trump’s highlighting of coronavirus-related deaths in New York’s nursing homes,” reported Breitbart. “This fear motivated Cuomo’s government to suppress the statistics against requests for such information from the state’s government and citizens’ organizations.”

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