BREAKING: Democrat Indicted – Facing Years In Prison

Democrat Rick Sollars, the mayor of Taylor, Michigan, has been indicted on multiple counts of corruption after participating in a real estate scheme worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A federal court released 33 counts of corruption against Sollars along with two others who had participated in the scheme. Community development manager Jeffrey Baum and real estate developer Shady Awad had worked with Sollars.

Sollars had hid $200,000 in his home that he gained from the scheme. The stash was discovered when the FBI raided his home.

Sollars seems committed to the fight against the charges, but his chances are slim. The evidence is damning at this point.

No matter what level of politics you are on, there is going to be corruption. Washington grabs all the headlines, but corruption is happening nationwide.

Bribery, corruption, and wire fraud do not pay. Hopefully, this will dissuade others from using their position to enrich themselves.

Read the full story here.

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