BREAKING: Democrat Impeachment Bombshell – Secret Audio Exposes Sick…

Representative Xochitl Torres Small (D-NM) admitted that the Democrats’ failed push to impeach President Trump was based on nothing and they knew the whole time that their case was a lie.

According to audio obtained from one of Small’s constituents during an Oct. 4, 2019, event in Hatch, New Mexico, Small admitted that there was no “explicit quid pro quo.”

The unidentified constituent asked, “I was just kind of curious, I haven’t done enough research on it to make a full stance. From the phone call itself, it didn’t sound as bad I guess, per se. It wasn’t an explicit ‘in order to get this, you know, you have to do this.'”

Small’s responded by saying, “It was not an explicit quid pro quo. I think you’re right there.”

Regardless of this admission in October, Small still voted to impeach President Trump, further proving that impeachment was purely political.

The Democrat party was willing to undermine our democracy in order to gain political power. Unfortunately, it seems they will get away unpunished for what they did to the country.

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