BREAKING: Democrat Humiliated After Photo Goes Public -She’s Done…

Republicans in Kentucky are demanding an apology from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Democrat challenger after she appeared in a picture with a woman who hanged President Donald Trump in effigy in 2017.

Amy McGrath posed in a picture online with Patti Piatt, a former candidate for the House.

“This latest revelation is just another example that Amy McGrath and her liberal allies are too extreme for Kentucky,” Kentucky Republican Party spokesman Mike Lonergan said in a statement. “Posing for pictures with extremists that advocate violence against the President has no place in our discourse – and Amy McGrath and Kentucky Democrats need to unequivocally reject this radical behavior.”

Kenneth Blair posted the picture and said it was taken at Hotel Covington the first time he had met McGrath and Piatt.

McGrath narrowly defeated Charles Booker to get the Democrat nod to challenge McConnell for his Senate seat. While a gaffe like this should hurt McGrath, Democrats don’t seem to have much of a standard for decency anymore.

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