BREAKING: Democrat HOAX Exposed… Fox News Host Tells EVERYTHING…

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson exposed Democrats and called them out for hyping up an imaginary threat of a QAnon incursion in the nation’s capital.

Carlson began his segment explaining D.C.’s situation and what the National Guard is doing there nearly two months after the January 6th riot. Democrats have retained the National Guard despite the complete lack of any threats.

Carlson said, “They told us the war against QAnon was likely to escalate intensely. March 4 would be the Tet Offensive in the fight against right-wing insurrectionism. It was something called QAnon Inauguration Day. Now we’d never heard of that before, but then we don’t work at the FBI. The FBI has been monitoring the enemy SigInt, that Signals Intelligence for the neophytes out there. That means tweets, Facebook posts, TikToks — James Bond stuff.”

It becomes clear that Democrats have created an imaginary enemy and that their fear of a QAnon incursion is nothing but paranoia.

Carlson continued saying, “At some point, listening to these various explanations, the hysteria never-ending, you’ve got to wonder how the Democratic Party and its minions in the news media are different from any other Doomsday cult. They’re always telling us the world is going to end, whether it’s from global warming or a white nationalist insurrection, and when the world doesn’t end, they don’t even pause, and they don’t seem ashamed. They just change the date of the world ending.”

Carlson is totally right, and the fact that anyone listens to the Democrat party anymore is beyond comprehension. What should worry Americans is that the FBI is in lockstep with Democrats. After all, the FBI began this hoax by warning of an attack on March 4th.

Read the full story here.

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5 Responses

  1. Qanon does not exist. It is Q or anons. Two separate groups. Get it right or stop the ignorant rhetoric.

  2. The CommieCrats will say any thing to destroy any opponent. It’s in t he book – Comminist handbook on how to takedown a gov’t.

  3. They said Q was a lie Conspiracy theory but fbi says there is a threat and dems get to use the military to protect them from a conspiracy theory wtf has this Government become people wake the hell up

  4. Rahm Emanuel once said ” You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And I mean by that, there is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before. ”
    So the liberal left is taking the one day ” peaceful demonstration ” at the Capital Bldg. & now making up phony issues to panic the public into thinking something is going to happen again. This will keep the attention OFF the lousy job Biden & his administration is doing.
    Watch each time they make a lousy decision on something, ANOTHER CRISIS WILL ARISE .

  5. Well they definitely pulled some real good smoke and mirrors last elections…. what’s hard to fathom is everybody knew with the mail-in ballot and everything else there was going to be election fraud why wasn’t there a bipartisan group that certified each voting machine why wasn’t the FBI on top of it lots of questions

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