BREAKING: Democrat Exposes Biden’s Terrible Financial Scandal – White House FUMING….

Representative Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ) blew the whistle on President Joe Biden saying that the nation simply cannot “afford” to forgive student loans as the President is proposing.

During an interview on “Fox News Live” on Sunday, Representative Gottheimer said, “[W]e need to focus on college affordability and including making sure that when people can renegotiate their interest rates for their homes, they should be able to do so for their student debt as well. And the bottom line is, we need to make college more affordable. Obviously, we can’t afford a proposal that would forgive everyone’s college debt, just given the state of the economy, it’s just not a possibility.”

Representative Gottheimer hit the nail on the head by pointing out that the student debt crisis needs to be solved by relieving pressure on Americans in other areas of the economy.

The Biden administration needs to work to make economic improvements and allow Americans to enrich themselves. Further burdening taxpayers through inflation by forgiving billions in student debt loans only makes the situation worse.

Representative Gottheimer continued by saying, “What is possible though, and you talk about affordability, is we should be focused on every area where we can make life more affordable for folks, including lower taxes. I’m very focused on restoring SALT, the State and Local Tax deduction.”

If the Biden administration truly wanted to make life better for Americans, they would work on lowering taxes and stopping skyrocketing inflation.

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