BREAKING: Democrat Election Conspiracy REVEALED – Evidence Shocks Nation

Republican Senator Tom Cotton is peeling the cover off of the Democrats true election plan.

In a recent interview with Breitbart News, Cotton revealed that the Democrat agenda to fundamentally change American elections is just beginning:

It’s a tradition that a new House majority reserves its top priority for what they call H.R. 1 — House Resolution number one — the very first bill that’s introduced. H.R. 1, under Nancy Pelosi, was a radical election law bill that would have mandated universal mail-out balloting in every state of the union. It would have required states to permit ballot harvesting. It wouldn’t have only prohibited photo identification — which [is] needful — it would have prohibited even signature verification.

According to Breitbart News, “H.R. 1, dubbed the ‘For the People Act,’ would nationally mandate automated mailing out of ballots to registered voters for elections while prohibiting states from having photo-ID requirements for ballot submission or signature verification of ballots.”

To read more about this bill and Democrats plan, click here.

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