BREAKING: Democrat Chinese Conspiracy EXPOSED – The Evidence Is Stunning

A Florida House Republican pointed out on Fox&Friends Friday that China has been carefully tailoring its efforts to influence Democrats in order to gain power within the U.S. government.

Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) also said Democrats are not taking those efforts seriously and are discounting China’s role in American politics.

“I think whether it’s Ossoff, Swalwell, others that are being exposed, guys, this is the tip of the iceberg of Chinese influence in our politics,” Waltz said. “You are — you discussed earlier in media, movie companies, Wall Street, manufacturing, certainly our universities. This is a coordinated, sophisticated, and often very subtle influence campaign across the United States, and we are awash with Chinese money.”

“The problem with the Democrats is they’re not recognizing it for what it is,” Waltz went on. “They’re dismissing it. They’re throwing out terms, xenophobic, racism, what have you. And the Chinese propaganda machine builds that into their thinking that those terms will be thrown out in order to deflect what they’re doing.”

In the end, China could get its globalist, Communist hooks so deep into us that we can’t break away. And that would be a tragedy for the U.S.

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