BREAKING: Dementia Notice – Biden Report Shocks Nation

A recent poll has found that more than half of American’s believe Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is “in the early stages of dementia.”

That same poll also found that nearly a third of Democrat respondents believe Biden is experiencing the early stages of dementia. That was accompanied by 50% of young respondents agreeing with the Biden being in early-stage dementia.

This is a terrible result for Democrats and the Biden campaign who are trying to convince American’s that Biden is fit to lead the free world.

Biden has been virtually hidden from the public and his few public appearances have been carefully curated to avoid any public embarrassment.

From simple things like losing his train of thought mid-sentence to stumbling his way through interviews, Biden has had a rough time.

For many Democrats the question has to be on their mind, can Biden do it? The answer is becoming increasingly clear that Biden likely won’t be able to beat President Trump in November.

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