BREAKING: Dem Impeachment Plan Gets DEVASTATED – GOP Just…

Trump legal team member Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) said on Monday that he thinks the John Bolton book leak was “coordinated” by Democrats to “change the narrative” on impeachment.

The New York Times reported Saturday that John Bolton’s new book alleges that President Donald Trump said he didn’t want to release aid to Ukraine until they gave his administration documents and information related to political investigations that Trump had requested.

The revelation has led to several Republicans saying they now want to call witnesses in the Senate trial, even though the leak was based on anonymous sources and the aid was released without Trump getting what he wanted.

Bolton is a completely moot point since even his allegations don’t prove that Trump actually did anything wrong. Since when do we convict someone based on what they wanted to do, even though they didn’t actually do it?

Republicans need to refuse to get sidetracked, and finish what they started out to do–acquit Trump and move on.

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