BREAKING: Delta Airlines Gets HUMILIATED – GOP Lawmaker Blasts…

Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) humiliated corporations like Delta Airlines by exposing their hypocrisy after they criticized Georgia’s new election security bill.

The new election security bill includes several provisions, including a requirement to show a photo ID to cast a vote. The bill immediately spawned backlash from Democrats, and billion-dollar corporations joined them in their protests.

Representative Roy responded to the criticism by slamming corporations like Delta Airlines and Major League Baseball for their own photo ID requirements.

Roy said, “It requires voter identification to be able to be used in voting. The same kind of [photo] identification, by the way, that Major League Baseball requires when you pick up tickets, whether in Atlanta or in Fenway Park in Boston or Yankee Stadium in New York. They have no problem with [photo] ID. Of course, neither does Delta Air Lines or American Airlines have a problem with [photo] ID.”

Photo ID is a regular part of life and required to do many things, from purchasing alcohol to purchasing an airline ticket. This new bill has simply patched a hole in our elections and made them more secure.

Of course, Democrats don’t want to see election security measures being enacted around the nation. Why Democrats are so opposed to election security can be easily answered by any American who has been paying attention for the past few years.

Read the full story here.

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73 Responses

  1. When I registered to vole I had to show my birth certificate, and thewhe I bolted I had to show my voter registration card, so what’s the bid deal, if your legal, no problem, only those that arn’t and r cheating don’t want it, including the demos, who cheated big time in last election 👹👹😈😈👿👿

    1. If the dems think they’re going show up to vote the dems must have a deal with the cartels to force these people to vote crooked dem

    2. Lulu:
      I agree whole heartedly. This last election sickened me. I work the poles, and I had my own feelings about who I wanted to vote for, but I voted legally and it appalls me to think that our country is being taken over by illegals and those who are hungry for control of our government, by putting a puppet at the helm that they can control. I have no respect for the Democratic party and I USED to be a Democrat, because I believed that no matter what, I could vote either way…..for the Republican party or the Democratic party……whomever I thought would be the best candidate. Not anymore. Our government as become so corrupt, it makes me sad to think so many sheep have been led to the slaughter by a corrupt government.

        1. Right on we need to take our country back Biden and Harrison have to go we need to clean house so let’s get them out of our White House

        1. Hey Richard, maybe Mark Suckerbery and Wacky Jackie Dorsey and the rest of the Big Tech criminals, Big Shot Corporate CEOs and all elected Democrats can hold a meeting in hell and plot to overthrow one of their real leaders, the Devil.


      1. Thank you for acknowledging this corruption. President Kennedy would change parties seeing all the evilness that is taking place.

        1. I’ve thought of Pres. Kennedy many times & he must be flipping in his grave, as to what the Democratic party has become. Sad!!!!

      2. Carol, I worked the polls in 2012 and what I saw turned my stomach. Heard people say they voted in their home state, then drove straight down to vote for OWEbama here. Reported the issue and was told, it was only hearsay, I couldn’t prove it. Vowed then to never work the polls again.
        Things got so bad with a Dimm poll watcher, we had to call the Sheriff, not the poll Sheriff but the City Sheriff to read her the riot act on behavior in an election poll.

        1. PatriotSoul: We have our Sheriff Dept., City and Township police that make rounds all day, specifically, to keep the trouble makers at bay. We’ve only had a couple of incidents that I can remember over the years that I have worked the poles, but it’s because one woman refused to show her identification and we would not let her vote and that happened for three years straight, before she finally got it straight in her mind that we were making no exceptions. The other person wore a tee shirt inside the voting areas, where they could not wear them, supporting their candidate. They were told they could go into the bathroom and turn their shirt inside out and come back to the line and we’d be happy to let them vote. It just amazes me how the voting process has become. Why care, if they’re legal and weren’t dead, as some tried to get that past many pole workers. A lot of them did, also. But I understand why you no longer work them. But, I figure someone’s got to do it, and I love people, so I am still going to work them.

    3. ..including The Dems? Oh paleeze….The DEMOCRATS are the only ones cheating….why? Oh, I’ll answer that….Well, because they did NOT win the election in November 2020. They CHEATED because there were not enough idiots or criminals that would vote for them. China gave the Democrats the Dominion Voting Machines to change votes. Why did China do that…EASY ANSWER: Because Trump would “play their games”….but instead took back our jobs that China stole when Obama was POTUS….he stopped doing other business with them….and instead helped companies get started here in the USA to make and sell the same products and at lower price. The false election was still very transparent and since Jan 20th..and even though 95% of our population knows this….court trials for each state will take a long time to get finished. In addition, the Biden/Harris Administration has made a mockery of the USA because China OWNS the Biden/Harris Administration and are taking everything back that Trump cancelled. The people in the USA that are NOT BRAIN DAMAGED and have seen the vast amount of hypocrisy and corruption within the Democrat Party prior to Trump becoming POTUS and now again since Jan 20th 2020 when Biden/Harris took office. Anyone that DID vote for Biden/Harris is either brain dead, insane, extremely low IQ OR MORE LIKELY….involved in the Democrat Corruption that will benefit them in some way or form. In addition, I’m going to just “guess” that when you BOLTED….you likely meant that you VOTED…? Just taking a guess.

      1. Agree Biden Cheated in 2020 election this corrupt DemonCRATS did not win and they created a big mess in the Capitol the police escorted the BLM in the Capitol.. Biden and Kamala should be kick out in our government.

      2. You are correct ..It sadden me also,when I seen them putting pizza boxes over the window it angrier me,then the state that kept on counting long after the election was over and people were outside chanting stop counting.. I could do nothing, but cry about what our America has become.I pray that God will remove the imposter out of the WhiteHouse because he did not win.score actually Trump 98% and Biden 2 %..Our election was hijacked,and now our America 🇺🇸 The Beautiful is being destroyed..but I know God is going to stop the corruption of the democrats,it is going to happen ,soon I pray.

    4. I think the reason that the Big Boys are against the “Voter ID’s” is because it takes away from their “Power Money”. If we have honest elections with voters needing a ID’s “Big Boys” have less chance of buying votes with their money.

    5. I will never fly delta airlines ever again. any company that is so dishonest and so political that they are talking about voting laws that try to ensure less democrat voter fraud does not need my business.

      I fly somewhere about 8 times a year. now southwest and Alaska will get all my business.


    1. Earth the Charlene Romain….BIDEN/HARRIS did not win the election in November 2020…please do not FORGET THAT. Unless our voting systems in each state are not corrected….it COULD happen again.

  3. I am so ashamed of Delta Airline and Coke. They have caved to the leftist minority. Who do they think are their clients? More than 75% of Americans think that voted ID is good. So do Coke and Delta think that they won’t feel some push back for their stupid actions. I for one will not support them anymore and I am a Delta Platinum traveler, but no more. I will look for other ways to travel. And I definitely won’t be buying Coke.

    1. Hey….Delta, Coke and the sports teams will pay for their stupid anti-American ways against We the People. We the People have learned a lot over the last three months and now WE know where THE LEFT stands….and it is certainly NOT with WE THE PEOPLE. We are now rising up big time. Things were so improved when Trump was POTUS that many people were too relaxed. But the illegal election, the corruption against We the People that has and is still taking place due to Biden/Harris Administration has TAKEN THE TOLL!

  4. Just choose not to use. Quit Coke, Don’t watch baseball (boring), Quit Delta (tired of constant flight changes anyway)

  5. My wife and I have flown Delta to Europe and back 6 times in the past 4 years, no more will I patronize them, or Coke, or Home Depot.

    1. Did Home Depot give in? I was hoping they would stand FOR voter ID…. Guess I will go to Lowe’s now…..

  6. We should all try to board Delta without any ID and see what happens! Or show up at the Coke offices and say you want to see the CEO! When you get rejected cry foul and racism!

    1. Nope, don’t ever book a flight on Delta. They don’t really care whether you have any ID or not —-just hop on for any reason. They don’t need anything but just a body to fill the seats. See how far you will get. Ask for their CEO if they give you any flack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STAY OUT OF POLITICS!!!!!!!!!

  7. When will big corporations wake up and realize not to get into politics, that they are not going to help their bottom lines???
    Someday the many “fake news” stations and or networks will start to realize their audiences are not as stupid as they think they are– you can’t continue to report news that are factually incorrect.
    I guess there are a lot of stupid people running these companies these days.


  9. The only way to gain the attention of these corporations is to hit them where it hurts and that is their pocket books. Their greed is disgusting. I retired from a major worldwide company and I’m ow their greed. They project to make say 20 billion in the upcoming year. Well when they ONLY make 10 billion the next words out of their mouths is that they must now make cuts because of their losses. How in the hell can you loose what you never had to begin with!!!!?????????

  10. I am giving up Coke. Will not fly Delta. Will use Lowe’s (unless they cower too). They should stay out of politics!!!

  11. Come on Delta. You are big enough not to cave to the left. Leave politics out of your business. You are being used.

  12. Delta idiots I had to re-do my license so I would be able to get on your stupid plane & Delta thinks it is wrong to show ID when you are going to vote!!?? What kind of crap are they peddling & how much are the Democrats paying them to say these stupid things? DO NOT FLY DELTA!

  13. We’re DONE with LIBERAL Delta and Coke and we have been DONE with the LIBERAL MLB , NFL and NBA . If these corporations want to jump into the LIBERAL political arena ,,,,, then see what happens when 74 million people DROP them !!!!!

  14. You have that correct!!!! We have to show ID; have a voter Registration card & with that, we’ve often had to show Driver’s License (or another form of ID to vote. Not a problem, if you are legal!!!! (Dems are opposing, so they can steal another election, with illegal votes!!!)

  15. The dems/leftist will always find a way to cheat. They are as dishonest a group to be found anywhere in the world. How did we let the minority win? Better wake up for the next elections.


  17. Delta, a majority of your customers are conservatives. Why are you trying to offend them? Why don’t you stay out of politics and just do your job and serve your customers.

  18. We have to show photo ID to vote in the state of Alaska. I think if you have your Voter ID registration card, you may be all right without a photo ID though. I don’t remember, as I usually don’t look for my voter registration card. It is just easier to use my Driver’s license, or my retired Military ID.

  19. Well Since the DOMBO crat DEMONs what to Lie, cheat, steal thier way to supreme Dictatorship , let anyone , dead or alive vote , May the best crime family win and biggest liar, thief, criminal win.

    That s what this is

    NO ID , NO idea , NO CLUE that sounds like how biden won , no campaining, just looked like a big moron and he won

    and then enough lies to his crime scene friends to get in and they The JUDAS , sold them out

    no clue but lots of deception , that is why you need Full Disclosure, ID , Proof of citenship and more just because of the crimes against humanity going on in our world

  20. I am heartened that many Americans feel like I do. The 2020 election was stolen. We need new voter laws that would insure the correctness of the vote nationwide. I believe Georgia is on the right track now, but their Republican leadership did not show courage to ask for a recount when it was needed!!
    Remember we were given a Republic through God if we chose to keep it.
    Lets not forget the thousands of Americans who gave their lives in the two world wars Korea and Vietnam to preserve our precious freedoms.

  21. I can’t believe how corrupt our government is to protect Biden. The big lie comes from them. Trump won and they know it too

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