BREAKING: Defund Police REVERSAL – Trump Is Laughing

Comedian Bill Maher had harsh words during his HBO Real Time show on Friday for Democrats who are now calling to “defund the police” after multiple high-profile incidents involving deaths of African-Americans led to widespread protests and calls for police reform.

“Liberals want to take police money, police funds and divert it to community services, which sounds like a very good thing, good idea, but they’re calling it ‘defund the police,’ which sounds bad. That is so Democrats for you,” Maher said.

Maher jabbed Democrats even further, saying that diverting police funds to community groups and mental health services could be a good idea, but that Democrats have turned it into “something that will make people vote for Trump.”

While Maher’s words were meant to get people not to vote to re-elect the President, it might give conservatives some consolation as Trump appears to flounder in the midst of rioting and the ongoing pandemic.

Democrats certainly have been good at proverbially shooting themselves in the foot since Trump came along, and I for one hope they continue to self-destruct until November.

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