BREAKING: Defund Plan BACKFIRES – Democrats Get Payback

The dangerous ‘Defund the Police’ plan just completely backfired on Democrats and it is too late for them to recover. Payback is coming this November at the ballot box — they can’t do anything about it.

According to financial reports, the Democrat Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) has fallen a staggering $20 million short of its $50 million fundraising goal for the 2020 election cycle.

The DLCC focuses on electing Democrats to state legislatures around the country, and the organization is now seriously behind its Republican counterpart — presumably due to an extreme-left turn.

“Placating the woke Left’s tirade against America may play well on Twitter and cable news, but it looks like anarchy is too tough a sell for liberal enablers like the DLCC,” said Lenze Morris.

Morris is the national press secretary for the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC). Rightly so, he noted that radical positions such as “defunding the police” are hurting Democrats.

As a result, the Democratic Party has likely sealed its fate by becoming a mouthpiece for anti-America rhetoric and European-style Marxism. President Donald Trump and the GOP will sweep to victory in a few short months.

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